Sunday, February 18, 2007

Battlefield 2142: Micro-Teamplay

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Blogger Krystian Majewski said...

I was wondedering: there were two versions of Battlefield before this one. Why did you focus on the most recent version? Wasn't micro-teamplay also present in the previous versions?
Also, I wonder if there are ways to afford micro-teamplay other then with vehicles...

18 February, 2007 20:10  
Blogger Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel said...

a) this is why i had () brackets arround all 2142 parts ;)

b) i wanted to give an example that is easy to understand - and this came to my mind first. all other parts of "micro teamplay" are more feeling i've got. they aren't that easy for me to write down.

btw: thanks for pointing out all spelling mistakes, all grammatical missconstructions. also thanks for correcting the whole text by adding Uppercases To The Correct Places and removing some of my way slang sentences. and no, i'm not offended.

18 February, 2007 22:38  
Blogger Fabricio said...

hello there. i didn't know much about the recent development of 2142, but after reading your (indeed nice) article, it sounds in nearly all gameplay aspects similar to its forerunner, battlefield 2. as it seems, they try to push the the micro-teamplay a little further by giving more flaws to a vehilce used by a single person. so far so good. as krystian already mentioned, i'm also wondering if the vehicles (and maybe the titan) are the only game-objects that influence the gameplay and espeacially micro-teamplay. maybe they work a little more on the infantry classes so that players are forced to operate even more together. moreover, i think the key for the success of such games lies in communication. i have also to admit that i started playing the game by knowing some guys who already played it. it really boosts fun when playing a game together with other people you know. moreover it's cool when it becomes kind of a ritual, but without being in a clan in order to train or something. mh, are there already any web 2.0 gamer-comunities? :)

16 July, 2007 12:28  

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