Saturday, June 10, 2006

Street Fighter 3: Parry rocks

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Blogger Krystian Majewski said...

I had a quick thought about the 3 levels of experience you described. I remeber Christoph Klimmt saying something similar at the "Clash of Realities" conference. His concept was that all 3 levels exist at the same time. I didn't really occur to me that there is a foucs on one of them depending on the skills of the player, but the effect you described seem familiar. I've notices something similar when playing the TCG "Magic: The Gathering" for some time. First, you find the cards nice and flashy, later you are thrilled by the in-game tactics but in the end you just focus on tournaments and overall, abstract playing statgy. Not that you don't notice the nice cards anymore but the whole point of the game shifts a bit.

12 June, 2006 16:54  
Blogger Yu-Chung Chen said...

Yeah, my description is based on the model outlined by Dr. Klimmt. Maybe we can see this structure in other games, too.

Anyway, right now Thomas and me are going to need the second and third levels for Gravity: Intermediate goals and a framework.

This is going to be expensive for wap3 ;)

13 June, 2006 00:24  
Blogger GRAV said...

i think 2 games that are great examples of this are
Bomberman and Super Mario Kart(Battle Mode)

in Bomberman, you discover the extremely simple action of blowing up blocks and collecting items. next you learn the simple ways each item can be used. and then the layers deepen when you find out you can plant a bomb, then pick it up right before it explodes, then have it explode immediately after you throw it, etc.

MarioKart battlemode is extremely multi-layered in strategy and psychological warfare. the different ways you can use shells and banannas is very dynamic, and the fact that you and your opponent can always see each other as well leads to a host of mind-games you can play on each other.

16 February, 2008 04:03  

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