Monday, January 15, 2007

Okami: Great Brushwork

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Blogger Krystian Majewski said...

Great having you here again! I didn't play the game yet but from what I saw it I totally agree with you.

Just recently, I played A Link To The Past. You frequenty have to use certain items only once like lighting a candle with the lamp or open up a cracked wall with a bomb. You always press the menu button, select the item, confirm, use the item, go back to the menu, select the item you had before and confirm again. The game is a classic but that sucks and it's great to see an improvement there.

Also another game where I've ran into mode problem was the Killerspiel Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles. There, you selct the action with R and L and perform that action with A. I guess the deigners thought you could easily change from fighting to casting magic or using items in the middle of the fight. They even added a "Defend" action to block incoming attacks. Sound ok but doesn't work at all in reality. You need to realize which mode you are in, switch the to the right mode and then perform the action. That is something which simply will not happen in a split of a second. Players will run somewhere where they are safe to switch modes because it is so distracting. The sequence in which the actions appear when you cylcle through them is even variable so there is no way you can habitualize it. In fact you end up frustrated when suddenly your character doesn't attack anymore and you realized that you accidently switched from "attack" mode to "defend" mode.

The game lenght seems to be a new and serious problem. Remember MC Chris' stand up about Kingdom Hearts II?

19 January, 2007 19:14  

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